Lil Kim Discusses Upcoming Album, Working with 50 Cent

Lil Kim recently sat down with MTV RapFix to chop it about her upcoming album and working with 50 Cent among other things.

When asked about her upcoming album, Lil Kim states that it will feature an appearane by a well-known rapper.

“I have a song…that I know my fans is gonna love. I don’t wanna say it until we officially announce that that’s the official video, and the person that I have the song with is official.

Everybody loves him. It’s a dude. He’s a rapper. Everybody loves him. He has an ill fanbase.”

She also hints at working with 50 Cent again.

“50’s not really involved in my project, but I believe maybe in the future he will be. He’s doing his own things right now, and I’m sure we’ll also probably work together in the future…I think I have [a song] for him.”

I’m looking forward to Lil Kim’s upcoming album.  Hopefully, it will be refreshing and it won’t just be a continuation of all the reasons why she can’t stand Nicki Minaj.

Check out the entire interview here.

[Via HipHopDX]


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