3D Na’Tee – “Clique”

3D Na’tee puts on her twist on Kanye West’s “Clique.”


3D Na’Tee Talks Her Contributions, Influences and More

3D Na’Tee recently chatted with the ladies of Women of Hip Hop, where she discussed her musical influences, her contributions to keeping hip hop alive, and more.  Read a few excerpts from the interview below.

Who is your favorite female artist?
A few years ago I would of said Lauryn Hill or Fox. Now days I’d say me hands down. It’s not even to convince your readers to check out my music or to Segway into more talk about myself. It’s really because I feel like as an over all artist, I give the listener so much of myself and I do it in ways that evoke emotion. I do it in ways that make you laugh, cry, dance, but most importantly, I do it in ways that make you think all while displaying lyricism. For example, my record SWITCH (The Timbaland Mix) was just me going in lyrically while making you laugh and rap along at the same time. Then there are records like Dear Father where I captured the emotions I felt at 10 years old when I learned that my father committed suicide. We haven’t had a female artist to do that, I mean all of that, in a very long time. So honestly, if I wasn’t Na’Tee, I’d still say ‘Na’Tee is now my favorite female artist.’

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