Lauryn Hill and Nas Perform Together in Chicago

Lauryn Hill and Nas recently made a stop in Chi-Town during their Life Is Good x Black Rage tour.

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Does Rap Perpetuate Racial Inferiority Myths?

“It is imperative that we ask the question: does the commercial Hip-Hop that is constantly pumped on the radio refute the myth or help to perpetuate it?”

This is the question that TRUTH Minista Paul Scott poses in his recent piece, “Iz Blak Peeple Stoopid: Rap and the Racial Inferiority Myth.”  In his article, Scott discuss how the media uses hip-hop as a medium as a way to perpetuate the myth that blacks are intellectually inferior.  He goes on to state that some hip-hop and rap artists help to further perpetuate this myth.  In the arena of music, Scott argues that the first step is to petition media outlets such as music-centered tv channels and radio stations to play music that doesn’t feed into racial stereotypes about blacks.

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Do you agree with Scott’s views?