Rapsody Freestyles for BET’s The Backroom

This is slightly old, but check out Rapsody’s freestyle on BET’s The Backroom.


Guyana Talks About Her Musical Influences and More

Guyana sat down with BET.com’s John Reed recently.  During their discussion, Guyana cited Beyonce and Biggie as being some of her musical influences.  She then gave an in-studio performance of “All I Got” from her recently released mixtape, Smokin’ The Competition.

BET Bans Nicki Minaj’s “Stupid ***” Video

Even though Nicki Minaj broke a VEVO record with the Hype Williams-directed music video for Stupid ***, it looks like BET has decided to ban it on its channel.

According to TMZ, a BET rep stated that BET refuses to broadcast it, but did not provide any details on why they made that decision.  However, it is rumored that BET believes that the visuals and lyrics are too explicit.

Do you agree with BET’s decision?  Is Stupid *** a little too over-the-top?