Esochel featuring Nitty Scott, MC – “Paid Dues” (Video)

Esochel and Nitty Scott, MC follow up with the visuals for their recently released single, “Paid Dues.”


8 thoughts on “Esochel featuring Nitty Scott, MC – “Paid Dues” (Video)

      • You figured it out!lol Actually I have a confession to make. Nitty looks a lot like an old girlfriend of mine. The similarity is almost creepy. My ex girlfriend was Black/Puerto rican just like Nitty. I thought it was just my imagination so I showed a buddy of mine one of Nitty’s videos. Even he said “Yeah she looks a lot like your ex.They could be sisters.” Now you know why I’m such a huge

      • Hey Coco! She broke up with me! Don’t laugh at my pain!lol It’s cool,I’m over I was wondering about something,is this your blog? Or are you just a follower?

      • Oh no! I’m not laughing at you! But sometimes, you gotta keep truckin’! If she comes back to you, whether as a friend or as your girlfriend, then you know she was meant to be in ya life! 🙂 And yes, this is my blog!

      • Yeah I know you were just messing with me. It’s all good. Actually she’s married and had a baby last year. I run into her at the grocery store sometimes. She and I are cool though. I thought this might be your blog. What made you decide to create it? And also do you rap yourself?

      • I decided to create because I love hip-hop and rap, but felt that the representation of females that do it was missing. And its still not as loud as it should be, but the ladies are definitely making a strong comeback!

        And no, I do not rap! I know my lane and I’m sticking to it! Lol!

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