Angel Haze Talks Technique, Inspiration, and More

(Photo: Katherine Rose/New Review)

angel haze recently hung out with Nadine Graham of HipHopDX.  During their conversation, angel spoke on how she learned her technique, being inspired by songwriters, comparisons, and more.  Read excerpts from the interview below.

HipHopDX: You started off writing poetry and it was a friend who suggested that you try rapping. Was there ever a point where you wondered “Do I even know what I’m doing?” or…

Angel Haze: Hell  yeah!

HipHopDX: Or was it like you just came in slaughtering emcees?

Angel Haze: No. No. Hell no. I had to research metaphors and wordplay and actually give myself lessons. I had to take lessons from other people on doing it and waiting to develop it. And just doing a lot of reading up on everything. Like, I did this forum, where they teach you these things so for me it was really a learning process. Just cultivating and crafting completely.

HipHopDX: I read somewhere that you were inspired by people like Nicki Minaj and Drake around the time you started.

Angel Haze: Yeah! My inspiration is really great songwriters, like I love Lauryn Hill. I love Drake and Nicki Minaj because they kinda came out around the same time and they were still fresh: the old Nicki Minaj on the stoop and the old Drake from Toronto and also raw. When artists start off they give you the real them and then they evolve into whatever they have to be or whatever they’re destined to be. So for me Jason Mraz and Train and all of those people who really write good music.

HipHopDX: You know the comparisons to other women are coming, right? Do you ever push to be different or just flow and let things happen?

Angel Haze: Yeah [the latter]. At the end of the day, I still get comparisions no matter how odd or absurd they may be. But I’ve seen so many great people come up and they were all being compared to people before they actually got in the game to be just them. Like with Nicki Minaj with Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown before she was actually “Nicki Minaj,” so you have to go through that as a sort of initiation, rite of passage sort of thing, until you are there enough to be yourself. I’m just pacing myself, you know?

HipHopDX: Recently, you took to Twitter in an effort to find a female deejay. Why is it significant for you to hire a woman?

Angel Haze: For me, it was really, really important that I have a female deejay because I don’t feel that females in any industry – being in the work industry – I feel they don’t really get the chance to shine in the same way males do. And I want that girls’ bond. I don’t want a male behind me every step of the way. For me, girl deejays are fucking awesome, Dana Sax or my friend [Kinky? Chinky?] They’re all very good and I just wanted a chance to put one out there like that and I still need a girl deejay. They’re a lot harder to find than I thought they would be. [laughs] But then again, there’s a whole science to it, so…



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