MC Lyte’s Foundation Offers $100,000 Hip-Hop Scholarship to One Student

Yesterday, MC Lyte and her foundation, Hip Hop Sisters Foundation, announced plans to offer an $100,000 hip hop scholarship, the First Wave Scholarship, for one student to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  The Foundation’s advisory board, which includes Russell Simmons and Salt of Salt-N-Pepa, plan to provide more detailed information about the scholarship today at Simmons’ Rush Communications location in New York City.

They will be joined by UW-Madison’s VP and Chief Diversity Officer, Damon Williams, during the press conference.

This is what MC Lyte had to say about this scholarship:

“For years I’ve dreamed of having the ability to help our community and now finally the day has arrived.

HHSF is about changing lives and truly encouraging several generations that have been and are influenced by Hip-Hop culture. It is my life’s mission to see those who believe, actually see their dreams come to fruition.

Helping the younger generation see their strengths and potential is what my goals are for this foundation. This scholarship partnership with UW-Madison is just the beginning for what HHSF has in store.”

The scholarship will finance the entire cost of obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree at UW-Madison.

The deadline to apply for the scholarship is October 1. The winner will be announced at this year’s Soul Train Music Awards.  To learn more about the application process, click here.


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