Diamond Discusses Upcoming Mixtape, Collaborations, and more with BET.com

(Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Diamond recently spoke with BET.com about her upcoming mixtape, Street Life, collaborating with veteran artists and more.  Check out some excerpts from the interview below.

On her upcoming mixtape, Street Life:

“I got a lot of features on it: I got Verse Simmons on it, I got Keri Hilson on it,” Diamond tells BET.com. “The music resembles just being free-spirited and life at age 24 for a female. It’s beautiful because I had to find that balance between showing my growth and still keeping it hood, and that sassiness that everybody fell in love with. I love it.”

On working with veteran artists:

“I’ve been working with Missy and Eve.  I’m actually trying to release the album by the third quarter, but it’s looking like its going to be next year, so that’s why now we’re just releasing Street Life and continuing to build up the buzz into my album.”

On other female rappers/MCs:

“I just think that we need more women, period.   Whatever [Nicki’s] doing, I’m sure that some females out here can relate to her or whatever message she putting into her music.  I’m sure it’s other women that feel like, Hey we’re over here, we don’t relate to y’all — we need somebody else. And that’s [where] you have wonderful people like Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea come in. I just think the more the merrier.”

Read the entire interview here.


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