Dominique Young Unique Interviews with Refinery29

Dominique Young Unique recently hung out with Refinery29 out in Los Angeles.  She discussed a range of topics future collaboration and love of fashion to her future plans.  Read a few snippets of the interview after the jump.

You’ve already worked and toured with some greats (Big Boi, Yo Majesty), and Kanye West is a known admirer. Who would you like to collaborate with next?

Kanye wanted me to model in his fashion show with Katie Eary and it was so amazing. I would love to collab with Jay-Z and Beyonce… well, the whole family. Solange Knowles has a great voice! I would love if she would sing one of my hooks. Also, Tyler The Creator, Rihanna, Adele, Drake, and Lil Wayne.”

Do you have any more plans to step further into the fashion world, after your recent modeling gig?
“I love fashion! It’s your life, your attitude, your swag. It’s just you! But yes, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be in that world a lot.

What’s next for Dominique Young Unique?
“I haven’t release new music for so long, so I know my fans have been like ‘What happened to Dominique Young Unique?’ I’ve been in the studio working on new material and I’m about to get ready to release my first EP around July or August. So exciting! Also, I’m getting ready to head to London and Italy to perform and work on music.”

All of the photography was shot by Clarke Tolton

[Via Refinery29]




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