Rye Rye Discusses New Album and More With PAPER Magazine and Rap-Up

Rye Rye recently sat down with Abby Schreiber of PAPER Magazine to chat about her upcoming album, the influence of Baltimore club music, supporting other female rappers, and more.  Check out some excerpts from the interview after the jump.

What can you share with us about the new album?

My album is a mixture of different sounds — I can’t even classify it into a genre.  Most of the songs are upbeat and the album’s just fun, crazy lyrics, me talking about everyday life experiences as a girl, being a teenager, dancing in the club.  I also wanted to save the Baltimore influence and keep the up-tempo beats, but I felt like I couldn’t do a whole album that was strictly Baltimore.

Speaking of Baltimore, for those out of the loop, how would you describe the sound there?

To me, it’s a lot of bass.  Baltimore music has a hard-hitting bass that really no other genre has.  There’s a lot of repetitive sounds.  It’s real grimy, real gutter.  It’s faster than normal music.  DJs and producers always made Baltimore club music but they never had somebody to actually spit over it.  So when I finally did that, it was kind of like “Yo!”   I didn’t want to do a hip-hop track or an R&B track — I chose to rap on top of a Baltimore club track and I thought it would be different and unique and it was.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on your fellow female MCs since there’s a whole new crop out there.  Do you talk to any of them?  Do you see yourself as a part of a group or completely separate from them?

I will support every other female artist in the game.  I think it’s cool that there are more female rappers and there’s an opportunity for more exposure.  I feel like we should all get along because if the guys can do it, the girls can do it.  You know, girls always look at other girls as competition but I’ve never really understood it.  Like when I met Santigold, and she and M.I.A. were friends, I thought that was inspiring for real.  So now I support other females.  I know Dominique Young Unique.  I talk to her a lot.  At first we came off wrong because I thought she was trying to do some dissing stuff but I approached her and we ended up being cool.  That’s always how it is.  I’m a real female and so people just judge me from the outside looking in.  A lot of other artists tell me, “Oh, I thought you were stuck up because of all of your accomplishments and stuff but when I really get to know you, you’re real.”  So it’s like, Dominique, we’re cool, we speak, we talk, we Tweet.  Iggy Azalea — I didn’t know her at first.  I just saw someone tweet that they said, “I love Iggy but I stand for Rye Rye.”  And she said, “Oh, I love Rye too.”  And then we passed words back-and-forth because she was in one of my sessions with me even before she was a rapper so I had [already] met her.  So me and her talk and we’re actually supposed to be working on a track together.  I don’t really know Azealia [Banks] but she did tweet that I had the best live show out of all of the females.  I just think it’s cool that there is a lot of support going on.  I don’t indulge in beefs for promotion.  I feel like if you’re doing you, then you have nothing to worry about.  That’s how I look at it — we’re all different in our own ways and we’re all doing us and that’s all that matters.

Read the entire interview here.

Ms. Rye Rye also hung with Rap-Up and discussed her debut album, upcoming mixtape, and unity among female rappers/MCs.


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