Raven Sorvino Speaks on Her Growth, Dr. Dre and More

Raven Sorvino recently sat down with Omar Burgess of Hip Hop DX to discuss her growth as an artist, Dr. Dre, working on Paper Girl and more.  Check out some excerpts from the interview below.

Destroy And Rebuild: “I had the momentum off of Inspired because the people received it really well. So it gave me a lot of confidence when I went in to do Paper Girl. The original version of Paper Girl that I got signed with Hipnott Records—I scrapped that record. So I just went in and created a whole new record…a whole new soundscape. I got with Picaso and told him about the sound I was trying to do. He got with J-Hyphen and Chi-Kotiq, which is The Formula, and they created a sound that set the pace for the record. From there it was so natural that everything just fell into place.”

Family Matters: “It is a lot of flossy stuff on the record, but I didn’t want it to only be that. That’s not all that Raven Sorvino represents. It’s a part of me, but I’m also a family person. Being Anna Maria Pink is a big part of my life and who I am, so I’m not gonna shy away from that. With my family—as far as my pops being gone, missing him and just spending time with my mom and brothers—that’s really a big part of me. And I just want people to understand that family is first. That’s everything to me, and I just want to share that love with the world.”

A Softer Side: “Well I definitely like the wine, that’s quite apparent [laughs]. ‘Whisperz’ is just about there being a softer side to me. I was ready to let people inside, because a lot of the visuals I had were like beating people up…very aggressive. That’s not who I am all the time, and I didn’t want people thinking, ‘Damn, why is she mad all the time?’ So I got to showcase that softer side without going too far. Even though the video says ‘Not Safe For Work,’ I don’t think it’s really going that far. It was cool to put that in the title though.”

Go See The Doctor: “[The experience with Dr. Dre] made me want to work harder. That probably just wasn’t my time, and I’m thankful that they were even interested in me enough to have the opportunity. Dre was calling my house, and he cared enough to keep in contact with me personally—not having his assistant or someone else make the call. And he’d tell me, ‘The contracts are getting worked on. Don’t worry; everything’s going through.’ We recently ran into him not too long ago, and he remembered me off top. And this is years later. So maybe one day something will happen with Raven Sorvino and Dr. Dre. When it didn’t materialize, I was never mad or angry like, ‘Ahhh, I don’t like these people anymore!’  It just wasn’t the right time, and I just needed to develop my skills more. To even have that opportunity was a good moment in my life. And when we saw him recently, Picaso was with me. He kinda liked Picaso’s name, and he was real cool. So that was dope…we had our little moment.”

Appreciated By Men And Women: “Actually, I’ve got a song that’s not on the album called ‘Reign Coat’ produced by Dae One. And I’ve had big, gangster-type dudes tell me, ‘Yo, I be slappin’ the shit out of this song! You went so hard on this, and it’s a song I can actually listen to from a female.’ So it was cool to hear that, and I like to keep that element in my music. I want the dudes to be able to listen to my music, roll in the car and bump it. I think a lot of that has to do with being raised by my father and having three older brothers around. I’ve got that tomboy in me just from being around them, but I’m still a lady too. My mother also raised me, and she’s just all Superwoman—diva’d out. So there’s the aggressive Raven, and there’s the girlie girl too. There’s a balance.”

Thinking Of A Master Plan: “It always starts off with the visions that I have. I’ll just flip through the beats, and Hyphen is usually the person that I call first. If he doesn’t have time then I’ll go to somebody else, but he’s my go to guy. He can match the sound with the picture I’m trying to paint just like that. And once he puts his twist on it, the magic just starts happening. Our thing is, we like to make songs. It’s not just about rapping over a beat. We’re into making songs, and we’re eventually trying to win a Grammy. We know that’s got to come from making songs. And it’s not just any old type of commercial songs like, ‘Oh this is trendy now. Let’s do this.’ No. We have faith in our own sound, and we think that can crossover without trying to copy this or that person that may have won the Grammy last year.”

Check out a video of the interview here.


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