Azealia Banks Chats about Being Turned Down by Dipset, Gaining Fans Overseas, and More with VIBE

Azealia Banks recently sat down with Tracy Garraud of VIBE in which she talked about being brushed over by Dame Dash and Juelz Santana, the growth of her fanbase overseas, doing what she wants musically and more.  Check some excerpts below.

On being shot down by Dipset:

“I was prepared to spit for Dame Dash, but he kind of just went ‘Nah!’ and walked away.  Juelz looked at me like, ‘Whose little sister is here? Please get her the fuck out.’”

On being accepted musically in Europe:

“In Europe, your art is looked at on merit and how you hold up your integrity. The people here are just deeper thinkers, ya know?”

On having total control over her music:

“Not to shade anyone, but what I’m doing is so progressive and so many years ahead of my peers.  I do whatever the fuck I want…even if someone did it before I’m gonna do it better.”

Also, producer Diplo had this to say about Banks’ orginality:

“Azealia wasn’t built in a marketing meeting. She doesn’t conform at all.  She really [gained momentum] all by herself, so that’s going to give her the confidence to become a star.”

Read the entire article here.

[Via VIBE]


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