Lola Monroe Covers the Latest Issue of Dope Magazine, Behind the Scenes of the “King Los” Video

Apparently, DOPE Magazine really adores Lola Monroe.  Ms. Monroe is being featured on the latest issue of DOPE magazine–check out pictures from her February 2012 DOPE magazine feature.  In the newest issue, Lola chats with Arionne Alyssa about acting, balancing different roles, her company, and more.  Check out excerpt from the interview below.

(Arionne Alyssa: AA)  You are a true triple threat. Actress. Emcee. Model. You shut the modeling game down when you ran it, now you’re crashing the rap party. But here at DOPE MAG, we feel your greatest impact will be felt as an actress. How serious are you about an acting career?

(LoLa Monroe: LM)  I’m definitely serious and I’m going to continue to pursue that aspect of my career but my main focus is music right now.  That’s all I do, 24/7, but I’ll definitely be pursuing the acting aspect of my career.  No question about that.

(AA)Video Girl, Before I Self Destruct, and Crazy Like a Fox are your most recent film projects. Are you reading any scripts now for upcoming roles?

(LM)  Yeah, I’m getting a lot of scripts but I’m being really careful with which ones I choose to go with. Timing and being strategic with role selection are very important to my career.  Just how I’ve always been about everything so I’m just being strategic with it and when the right script comes in, I’ll definitely go for it.

(AA)  And how do you balance all of that?  You do so much at the same time.

(LM)  You just do it. When you have a complete understanding that this is what you do, that you’re a boss, and that this is what you do, you have control of your life.  Have an understanding that nothing is easy, and when you get past that part, even when it gets challenging, you keep going and you keep pushing.  Because I have a vision of where I see myself in the future, I know that this is just a part of the process.  Because I have that understanding, I don’t let it throw me off.  I just keep balancing. I always expect things to get harder.  In a couple months, there’ll probably be even more things on my schedule so I keep that mind frame and I keep going.

(AA)  Blue Rose Entertainment is your company.  What is the significance of the name?  How did you come up with that?  And what lanes of the industry do you specialize in?

(LM)  I named it after my tattoo.  I have a blue rose on my neck.  We cover all areas of entertainment: music, modeling, acting, graphic designers.  It’s basically like a talent agency and we’re working on some other stuff.  A jewelry line and an eyewear line, as well, will be released under Blue Rose.  It’s kind of a soon-to-be empire with all different aspects of entertainment, fashion, and things like that; not just music.

(AA)  You are one of the more fashionable young ladies in urban media. What are some of your favorite brands and designers?

(LM)  My number one shoe right now, oh my God, I love Giuseppe!  Giuseppe is just so unique and the colors!  Loubies are always classic.  I love love love Loubies, but I love the designs and the colors in Giuseppe!

Sounds like she is trying to build an empire!

[Via DOPE Magazine]


Also, check out some behind-the-scenes footage of Lola Monroe on the set of Los’ “King Los” video.



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