Rap Legend Lisa Lisa Raises Awareness About Breast Cancer

(Image: Grown Folks Music)

Rap legend Lisa Lisa will be performing tomorrow during the Freestyle Palooza located at Count Basie Theater in Redbank, New Jersey to raise awareness about breast cancer through a freestyle performance and sharing her story about her own battle with breast cancer.

The event is being sponsored by the “Mama Luke/Hip-Hop Fights Breast Cancer” and the American Cancer Society.  The “Mama Luke/Hip-Hop Fights Breast Cancer” was founded by Kangol Kid of the rap group, UTFO, and his friend/business manager, Shaunda Lampkin.  The movement was named in honor of Lampkin’s mother, who lost her three-year battle to breast cancer in 2010.

This movement has been supported by other celebrities such as LL Cool J, Will Smith, and Ice-T in an effort to bring awareness and raise funds to support these worthy cause.

This will be the first time that Lisa Lisa addresses her battle with breast cancer publicly.

[Via VIBE]


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