Iggy Azalea Interviews with Hustlegrl.com, Performs at Ghost Bar, and Rumors of Single Off of The New Classic

(Image: Billboard)

Iggy Azalea recently sat down with Hustlegrl.com to discuss the direction of her debut release along with other things.

What’s the meaning behind the album title, The New Classic?

To me, I think great music stamps time. When I think of all my favourite songs, I think about where I heard them or a memory to go along with the song. My friend was in the car with me the other day and when a Rihanna song came on, she’s like, “I can’t listen to that song because the last time I heard it, I was in the car and I was going to kill my boyfriend because I thought he was cheating. If I listen to it, I’m going to be mad at him right now!” That was like two years ago and it’s a testament saying great music stamps time. It can bring you back to the exact place of where you heard it and make you feel like you’re in the moment again. Sort of like a little time capsule. To me, I think when music stamps time, that’s when the music is classic. When you can have a moment in life attached to the song, you can’t help it. I want to make an album with songs that are classic and can stamp time for people.


Yesterday, she performed at the Ghost Bar in Las Vegas.  Check out pictures of the performance below.

In other Iggy Azalea news, it is rumored that the first single from her debut album, The New Classic, will be “Murder Business.”  I’m definitely curious to know what she will discuss in “Murder Business.”

[Via Female Rappers]


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