Azealia Banks Discusses Growing Up in Harlem and Being Spoiled in T Magazine

Azealia Banks, a.k.a. “Young Rapunxel,” landed a feature in T Magazine’s current issue.  In her interview, Azealia discussed a range of issues, including growing up in Harlem and being spoiled by her mother.

On growing up in Harlem:

“We lived in Harlem just, like, at the beginning of its gentrification…but my mom had our apartment since she was 18, she worked a retail job, but she worked on commission, so she made like, maybe, 75 or $80,000 a year, but our rent was so cheap since it was, like, rent-controlled, so our rent was, like, $300 a month for a two-bedroom apartment, so we always had extra money.

On being spoiled by her mother:

“I grew up very spoiled…like I had everything: I had computers, I had video games, I had dress-up clothes, I had lipstick, I had heels—not like, actual heels, play heels—I had dolls, I had birds, I had hamsters—my mom did a really good job of keeping me stimulated.”

I wonder how some of her experiences of growing up comfortably in Harlem will be reflected in her upcoming album, which is scheduled to drop in September.  Read the entire article here.


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