7 Femme MCs To Watch During 2012 (Complied by MissDimplez)

Since XXL and MTV has released their features for hip-hop and rap artists to watch out for during 2012, I thought it would be a excellent (!) idea to figure out which femme MCs we should watch out for during 2012.  Well, MissDimplez has already came with a list of 7 artists.  Check it out below.

1. Azealia Banks

2. Iggy Azalea

3. Jean Grae

4. Rapsody

5. Nneka

6. Angel Haze


Head on over to MissDimplez to find out why she chose these artists.


2 thoughts on “7 Femme MCs To Watch During 2012 (Complied by MissDimplez)

  1. Like my opinion matters. Well I am excited about the underdogs like Jean Grae, Rapsody, Nneka and Angel Haze. With Iggy let’s just hope she is more than a white girl with a body or a Nicki Minaj 2.0. Lyrical content actually matters and it speaks volumes about a person’s image.

    • your opinion does matter, ms. atribecalledkey! 🙂 i agree with everything you said, along with some other folks i would have listed. along with those artists, i would have chose nitty scott, mc as well as snow da product. i think lyrical content matters in the context of your target audience. for the average (emphasis on average) teenybopper, they care more about the beat than the lyrics, which is why artists targeting this bracket can get along with saying more ridiculous things (this also goes for some adult listeners as well). but if an artist is more socially aware and more conscious of their target audience and their lyrical direction, then they are more likely to choose their lyrical content with care. thanks for your feedback!

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