Nitty Scott, MC Featured in Beyond Race Magazine

Take a look at Nitty Scott, MC’s recent feature in Beyond Race Magazine, which appears in the March 2012 issue.  If you’ve never heard of it before, Beyond Race Magazine “the realest voice of groundbreaking music and entertainment aimed at the culturally sound, socially conscious, progressive-minded individual.”  In her recent feature, Nitty Scott, MC discusses whether an emcee/femme MC needs a gimmick to succeed, her appeal, social responsibility, and female rappers/MCs respecting one another among other things.

On whether emcee/femme MCs need gimmicks to succeed:

“In this day and age—specifically–we have been made to believe that if you don’t have some sort of gimmick or, you know, some sort of theme that you cant be successful and I think that is both true and untrue.”

On her appeal:

“They’re able to see themselves in me because I’ve made myself relatable.”

On social responsibility through music:

“I consider myself someone who’s going to go on to be an activist and a humanitarian of sorts [who] utilizes music as the outlet to connect with the people.”

On why female rappers/MCs should respect one another:

“No matter the style, as women in a male-dominated industry, we should respect one another.  Ff I make it, it’s girl power; If you make it, it’s girl power.”

[Via Beyond Race Magazine]


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