Brianna Discusses Competition, Her Alter Ego, and the Misconception of the Female Rapper

Brianna recently linked up with the good folks over at to discuss the competition, her alter ego, and the misconception of female rappers among other things.

There will always be comparisons. How do you set yourself apart from other female rappers like Nicki Minaj?
I’m just being myself and doing my own thing. As of now, I haven’t heard the comparisons. I feel like in so many ways, we’re very different. There are differences visually, musically—content. She has her story to tell and I have mine. I feel like all of that will speak for itself.

Do you have an alter ego?
Every artist has an alter ego. You have to turn it on for the stage. I turn it up a hundred knots when I’m performing. But on an ordinary day, I’m just laid-back, chillin’. Sometimes you may not even know I’m in the room.

What is the most common misconception about female rappers?
Just the lack of respect that we may get. The ignorance of having your physical features be looked at versus your lyrical talent. That’s always been an issue. It’s a male-dominated game, so we have to go ten times harder than males just to get as much attention.

Check out the entire interview here.


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