Azealia Banks on Her Artistry, Issues with Kreayshawn and Nicki Minaj

Ms. Azealia Banks, the Harlemite rapper who released a video for her single 212 back in September 2011, was recently featured  as number three for the BBC’s Sound of 2012.

In a short excerpt below, Banks discusses how she wants to be viewed:

“I don’t want to be called the ‘next big thing’ because that implies there’s another big thing after you.

The media does a really good job of discarding artists – and it has a really big effect what people think about themselves. So I try to keep a lot of that talk out of my head.

I’d rather be a dope artist that people are just starting to find out about.”

To read the article in its entirety, head over to the BBC.

Additionally, in what appears to be an effort to distinguish her dopeness, she discussed why she’s no Kreayshawn or Nicki Minaj.

On Kreayshawn:

“As much as Kreayshawn would love to be considered part of this ‘rap game,’ she’s not. I guess a part of me is kind of annoyed that those white girls are making these songs, and it’s like if these girls were black and making the same songs would you be that interested?”

On Nicki Minaj:

“The butt, the hair, the this, the that, all the other shit, like… As much respect that I have for her, we’ve seen you do this already, what else can you do?”

Well, I guess some of this talk has been useful for her since she has recently grabbed Kanye West’s attention.

Hmmmm…what do you think?

View Azealia Banks’ 212.


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